About Us

As Millennial male adolescents, we huddled in front of a computer screen and whiled away most of the early 2000’s playing (then) visual masterpieces such as Diablo 2 and Deus Ex… and our appreciation for Visual Art and Animation deepened year by year, due to our love of video games. Eventually we had created a small group of like-minded individuals who wanted to contribute to a website in their free time… just interesting content, or something worth sharing with the world.

I created www.reform-style.net with the amateur animator and FX specialist in mind. We have a passionate love affair with all of the creative spheres – from film and art to software development and gaming – and we want to keep abreast of all the latest trends and document the exciting evolution of animation and Video FX. We are based in Canada.

As tech junkies, we needed a convenient space online to store all the interesting articles, Explainer Videos, and interesting techniques for creating visual media that we come across and deem worth sharing. This is how our WordPress site was born. We wanted to share the extraordinary wealth of information on the Web with our followers to better enable them to empower themselves and take charge of their own visual marketing campaigns and the graphics for their real money jackpots online casino.

We also started offering services for those who were unable to create their own visual marketing, (we found a market in South African online casinos) and this business – the unexpected offshoot of the blog page- continued to grow. We started receiving jobs for animations for Online Casinos and other emerging markets that were highly oriented on the visual aspects of marketing. We now have in our employ seven qualified and highly skilled specialists with combined experience in Graphic Design, Fine Art, 3D Animatronics, Animation, 3D Sculpting, as well as Programming, Software Development and Marketing.

Yours in your Marketing Endeavours,

Robert N. Shaw, Founder.

Robert, Founder of Reform-Style