Animation – What’s Next?

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The biggest trends we’ve seen over the last few years define modern animation and where it’s headed – at we often speculate about where animation is going, its growing influence in visual marketing campaigns, and how we can best utilise our own knowhow to reflect new trends. This foresight allows us to always be one step ahead of our competitors. Here we document the most ground-breaking uses of animation and predict what may come in the next year.


There has been a definite return to stop-motion over the last year. Stop-motion is unique in its approach and delivers a charming and honest form of visual communication. This form of animation incorporates a performance-driven masterpiece that is charmingly flawed and “real”.


Short Film in Marketing

Marketing and branding experts are realising the potential of the short film in their advertising campaigns, and this type of media is being used more and more frequently as brands vie to engage their audience with compelling narrative and storytelling. What was once purely an artistic endeavour has now become a viable marketing strategy. Short film is also utilised during gameplay as a means for a plot to progress, and online slots make use of this technique, too. for examples, have a look at the most popular slots in the online gambling New Zealand industry.

Virtual Reality

The most interesting and unexplored trend of the last year has been virtual reality – a fast-growing market that is predicted to be worth $30bn by 2020. VR has become increasingly mainstream and available to the average person. Some releases this year have been VR Headsets such as Occulus, Samsung, HTC and Google. We predict that this emerging market is one to keep an eye on as Google’s Daydream View is unveiled globally. The VR market is becoming increasingly widespread, and will offer gamers and knowledge seekers a totally unique and immersive user experience.

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